Charles R. Honts, Ph. D.


Dr. Honts maintains a private practice consulting with attorneys, law enforcement and government agencies. Dr. Honts offers consulting service in the following areas:

Polygraph Testing

Originally trained as a polygraph examiner in 1976, Dr. Honts continues to conduct polygraph tests in forensic and civil matters. Dr. Honts also frequently does evaluations of other examiners' testing and gives testimony in courts of law. Dr. Honts has qualified as an expert and given sworn testimony on polygraph testing in three countries and numerous Federal, state and local courts around the United States.

Interrogations and False Confessions

Over the last 8 years Dr. Honts lab conducted research on interrogation and confession phenomena. Dr. Honts has also been called upon to comment upon and give expert testimony about the proper methods for conducting interrogations and about false confession phenomena.

Interviewing Children in Forensic Settings

Dr. Honts was trained in Statement Validity Assessment by the founders of the technique. Although Dr. Honts does not do forensic interviews of children, he has frequently been called upon to review alleged victim/witness interviews for proper techniques and to provide assessments of the alleged victim/witness's credibility. Dr. Honts has given expert testimony on child witness issues in a number of courts of law.

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