Charles R. Honts, Ph. D.


Charles R. Honts, Ph. D., is Professor of Psychology at Boise State University. Professor Honts continues 31 year long research program that focuses on applying psychological science to real world problems. He is internationally recognized as one of the world's top experts on the credibility assessment. Professor Honts has also published and given expert testimony in the areas of interrogation and false confession, eyewitness identification, and the forensic interviewing of children.

Professor Honts is a frequently invited to lecture in a number of domestic and international venues. Besides the United States, Professor Honts has given lectures and continuing education in Canada, China, Columbia, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, and The Netherlands. Professor Honts frequently appears in courts around the world as an expert witness. Professor Honts was the President of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association for the 2005-2006 term. Professor Honts has published and/or presented more than 300 scientific papers on deception detection.

Professor Honts' current research is focusing on two areas: 1) Improving the standardization and criterion validity of tests used for the psychophysiological deception detection and 2) interrogation, confession and false confession phenomena in real world contexts.